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10 volume edition of Mari language dictionary

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Word count: 40991
Type: Bilingual dictionary
Direction: Марий -> Русский
Created: 27 February 2011
Electronic dictionary based on 10 volume edition of Mari language dictionary. Mistakes from official release are fixed.

Description of original publication:
This is the collective edition of MarNIIYALI, about 20 authors (Abramova A.A., Vershinin V.I., Patrushev G.S., Ivanov I.G., Efremov A.S., Isanbaev N.I., Galkin I.S., Maksimov V.N. et al.) took part in its compilation. The main sources of the dictionary are the materials taken from lexicographic cards of literary languages and dialects of MarNIIYALI (There are about 2 million cards). Card indexes contain almost all lexical value of literary and folk-colloquial Mari language, including social, political, scientific, technical and other terminology. During the compilation, available published and handwritten dictionaries, belletristic literature and folklore, periodic press, textbooks, research (dialectology, folklore, ethnographic) expeditions’ materials and dissertations were used. That is why the word list of the dictionary perfectly reflects the variety of Mari language’s vocabulary, it contains vocabulary of each Mari dialect (first of all, ethnographic and dialect words with lexical meanings).

Dictionary contains frequentative and momentary, causative and reflexive verbs, participle as nouns and adjectives, gerunds as participles. Compound verbs and stable expressions, composite terms and phraseological units and links are placed at the end of the articles. All word units are translated to Russian, their short interpretations are given; meanings are illustrated with word combinations and sentences that are translated into Russian too. The dictionary is bilingual and is supposed to be used by the Mari people as well as by those who do not speak Mari. For this purpose, interpretation of Russian loans’ meaning, especially the terms, are given in the Mari language. Mari terms and culture-specific words are explained in Russian. The part of widely-used words and terms is given without interpretation. The grammatical and stylistic characteristic of words and the fields of their usage are given. The dictionary is addressed to publishing workers, journalists, writers, scientific workers, postgraduates, students, teachers and pupils, and for everyone who is interested in the Mari language and Mari culture.
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