Welcome to MarlaMuter project's website.

Project have saw the light for the first time in July 2008. Now the project is four years old and it is developing fast. For now project consists of several parts:

  • Spell checking. We have developed a spell checking program that not only checks words, but it also gives text prompts about each word. By the help of this text prompts you could better understand orthography.
  • Online and electronic dictionary. You could search for the right words in our online dictionaries. Also you could download dictionaries in different electronic formats, for example StarDict, ABBYY Lingvo or XDXF. If you know some new words, you could add them to our open dictionaries. Moreover you could create your own new dictionary right on the site.
  • Text corpus. It is a very important linguistic tool. By the help of this tool you could make different language analyses. It should be noted, that this part of the site is in the test mode now. When the everything would be done, this tool would be more useful.
  • Social network. Our social network helps make work more welcome. Here you could communicate with your existing friends and make a new friends. It should be noted again, that this part of the site is under construction now. In spite of this, you could sign up on the site and communicate with other users.
  • Mari grammar. You could read about Mari grammar on this part of the site. Information is short and very important - it is about each part of speech and about word creation.
  • Mari names. This part of the site is one of the oldest. Here you could read Krymmari Azim's handbook about Mari names. This is the most important when you or your friends are preparing to have a baby. You could visit this part and choose a name for the baby.

We belive that you would like the MarlaMuter project. If you have any question, you could ask it on the Feedback page. And don't forget to click like button on our Facebook page.

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