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Word count: 14956
Type: Bilingual dictionary
Direction: Эрзянь -> Русский
Created: 7 January 2015
Electronic Erzya-Russian dictionary is based on a book, that was published by State Publishing House of foreign and national dictionaries in Moscow in 1949 year. The book was composed by M.N.Kolyadenko and N.F.Tsyganov in Mordovian Research Institute of Language, Literature and History of the Council of Ministers Autonomous Republic of Mordovia. The book was edited by Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences prof. D.V.Bubrikh.

The dictionary contains the most frequently used words of Erzya language, as well as examples of words’ usage. The dictionary is recommended to anyone interested in Erzya languages and want to learn it. On this site the dictionary is presented in online form that allows to easily search in it. In the near future the ability to download dictionary in the formats that allow to use it in applied applications would be added.
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