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Textbook on paper work in Mari language

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Word count: 1468
Type: Bilingual dictionary
Direction: Русский -> Марий
Created: 25 March 2011
This is an electronic dictionary created from the book “Textbook on paper work in Mari language” by Ivan Grigorievich Ivanov (2007 year). In comparison with the original book, some things were changed to improve the usability. «Ончылвозыш», «Вместо предисловия», «Ончылмут семын», «Федеральные органы и учреждения в Республике Марий Эл» sections and appendixes were not included to the electronic dictionary.

The description of original book:
This book is the first experience in preparing textbook publication on paper work in the Mari language. It includes words and phrases that could be met in official correspondence, the names of widely used institutions, organizations, enterprises, companies, etc. Textbook should be aimed to attain uniformity in formalization of commercial papers, signboards and other official names and should be aimed to develop office terminology in Mari language.

It is directed to government officials, the employees of different institutions, business, philologists, journalists and everybody who is interested in the questions of developing and extension of the Mari literary language.
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